September 14, 2008

A lot of resources for the Japanese language

The following list of links might help people like me who are starting to learn Japanese.

Character and Writing: iting_system - A Wiki article on historical development of Japanese writing system i - List of kanjis to be learnt in elementary school with the pronunciations and meanings. - List of kanjis to be learnt up until high school with pronunciations and meanings. ml - Kana and kanji - preparation for JLPT. htm - katakana/hiragana and some kanji writing tutor (with stroke order animations) - Kana lessons with sound and animation files ll/index.html - JLPT kanji levels - Another web page that helps you when it comes to kanjis for the JLPT. - Very cool page for kanji beginners, includes writing order, meanings, etc. - kanji stroke orders ukanji.html - printable list of the Jouyou Kanji as well as a some other commonly seen ones, arranged in the order they are learnt in Japanese schools. - printable kanji flashcards /honji.htm - Variant forms of Chinese characters; from China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. - practice the reading of random characters from your selected list graphy/ - Flickr group to help find out the characters in calligraphy works

Online Lessons/Tutorials: - Easy to follow grammar lessons, some vocabulary. Nice for starters. / - The excellent Daily Yomiuri Online "Pera Pera Penguin" articles. ngo.html – Various tutorials and phrase books in Russian. - Japanese lessons by NHK Radio available in 21 languages over.html - Teach yourself Japanese - Basic Japanese with a linguistics approach. ge.php - One hundred "[w]atered-down, understandable, bite-sized grammar helps". - JPLANG provides e-learning materials for learning Japanese, developed by a TUFS team. .php - for beginners, lots of audio, free but with a registration - 34 free lessons and tools - free-to-use online study materials 1jp/main.html - conversational topics and grammar references

Reading Material: - Collaborative translation project. Usufruct granted by acknowledgement. - Public domain documents including an encyclopaedia, a biographical dictionary and Japanese laws - Collection of copyright-free works. A lot of texts have phonetic guides in hiragana. - listen and read fairy-tales - Oku no Hosomichi by Matsuo Bashō - Japanese classics in text and audio files rary_e.html - text and audio files of early modern Japanese literature s/ja - Japanese reading materials in Project Gutenberg =list〈=jp - Contemporary Japanese opinions with English translations - Recitations including classic literature (texts may be found in Aozora Bunko) - Recitations by a voice actor (texts may be found in Aozora Bunko)

Pronunciation: 2&postcount=9 - IPA explanations and tools, compiled by WR's own timpeac. - sound files for IPA symbols as revised in 1996 - instructions for setting up your computer to display IPA symbols les/index.htm - sound files for Japanese syllabary and verb conjugations. nciation.html - Quick tips of phonemes (aimed at English speakers)
Web Services: - Searches library catalogues in universities and research institutions. - Home page of National Diet Library. - Google Japan with Web services in Japanese. - Yahoo's Japanese portal. - Nascent technology for transcribing and searching podcasts.

Media: - News from NHK, Japan's public service broadcaster. ndex.html - TV Asahi News is another good listening resource with transcripts. Enjoy! - Generates small vocabulary bubbles for Japanese news text. - live streaming of NHK Radio Japan - News site of TBS, a commercial network.

Dictionaries: in/wwwjdic.cgi - Commonly known as Jim Breen's dictionary, supports a verb conjugator. in/wwwjdic.cgi?1R - search for kanjis by combinations of stroke counts and radicals - WWWJDIC spin-off with more user-friendly interface php - French-Japanese / Japanese-French dictionary. - A bidirectional English-Japanese database with a search box for looking up more natural expressions. - Online dictionaries offered from Yahoo! Japan Dictionary. Includes Ja-En, En-Jp and Jp-Jp. - Online dictionaries offered from Goo, another Japanese search engine. Includes Ja-En, En-Jp and Jp-Jp. - Online dictionaries offered from Excite. Includes En-Ja, Ja-En, Jp-Jp, Ch-Ja and Ja-Ch.
http://www.englishjapaneseonlinedictiona A Romaji English <> Japanese dictionary. - Jeffrey's Jp<>En Dict. Kana and Romanji input. Display results in Romanji and Kanji jisearch.php - Kanji-English Dictionary ding.php - Kanji-English Dictionary by romaji input. a/p10.htm - Dictionary of Japan-made kanjis. Entries are provided as image files. .html - Kanji Dictionary, with stroke order, English meaning, On-yomi (phonetic reading), Kun-yomi (native Japanese reading), irregular pronunciations (e.g.一日 = ついたち), example sentences, and audio files. - thematic picture dictionary with audio - Collection of numerous Japanese dictionaries - kanji dictionary and themed lists

Specialised Vocabulary and Phrase Books: book - Survival Japanese for Travellers. i/jinmei.html - A list of kanjis that represent typical morphemes for Japanese given names. ex40.html - Japanese family names, searchable in kanji and half-width katakana. - A database of Japanese place names, searchable in kanji and hiragana. f/old_chara.html - Tables to match old and new kanji forms. - A list of kanjis created in Japan. - Yojijukugo (four-charactered idioms) with definitions, usages and English translations. .html - Pronunciation dictionaries compiled by topics. - Names of chemical substances in Japanese and English; database - Slang with definition and usage. - Glossary of colloquial expressions e - Themed list of conversational phrases g_in=1 - Glossary of loan words and Japanese English g_in=2 - Glossary of yojijukugo or four-character expressions g_in=3 - Glossary of proverbs and clichés g_in=4 - Glossary of onomatopoeias and mimetic words g_in=5 - Glossary of Japanese culture and news html - Proverbs and clichés with synonymous and antonymous expressions. - User-driven database for regional dialects
Grammar: - Very useful web page when studying grammar for the JLPT (from 4kyū to 1kyū). A rather successful all-in-one Japanese site. From very basic dictionary, to grammar through particles. Noteworthy: giongo (giongo defines words usually described as onomatopoeia and then quite a lot more!). l#contents - Japanese grammar reference by constructions.
Particles: s.htm - Particles overview. m - Basic particles overview at home.html - A guide to the functions of structural particles in Japanese. ticles2.html - Verb related particles. /jgr_part.htm - Particles from a linguistic point of view.

Software: - A Firefox add-on to enable easy input of Unicode characters: includes kana shortcuts. - For Firefox users: Rikaichan is a pop-up dictionary - reads Japanese web-pages. / - Kanji flashcard system by Peter Salvi. Uses Tcl/Tk. - freeware that parses Japanese text, in English and Furigana and Romanji (Hepburn) 67.exe - complete download - converts both Kanji and Kana into Romaji (select "Kanji to Romaji" option) .aspx - parses Japanese sites and provides pop-up vocabulary. Also in Chinese and Korean. .htm - Pazuru Alfabet is a learning tool that helps to recognize kanas. /tradkan0.htm - Converts between Chinese and Japanese kanjis, old and new varieties. /readkan0.htm - kaňon (漢音), goon (呉音), MSC and Hanja pronunciations output /zen2hanz.htm - Converts between zenkaku and hankaku scripts. pce.html - Japanese word processor, with a built-in IME for kana input and kanji conversion. Also supports dictionaries. - Online Web-based Japanese Input Method sp - vocabulary flash cards

About Japanese: nguage - Wikipedia's general account of the Japanese language. rb_conjugations - Comprehensive tables for Japanese verb conjugations. onology - Basic topics of Japanese phonology. ammar - An account of Japanese grammar with emphasis on morphology. norifics - Japanese honorifics tracted_words - Japanese abbreviated and contracted words und_symbolism - Japanese sound symbolism aphic_symbols - typographic symbols nctuation - punctuation marks l - Titled "A quick and dirty guide to Japanese". adgtj.html - The quick and dirty guide to Japanese. (kana version) g/ - Blog, lessons and method of learning Japanese ime/japanese/ - tips for common but difficult expressions ing/outline.htm - Outline of the Japanese Writing System ese/index.html - fundamental differences of Japanese from European languages - Translations and grammar for Classical Japanese

Links: esources.html - Melita Rowley's Japanese learning resources. ese.html - Once again Jim Breen's. This time his Japanese related web page. Ugly, but every link in that page is worth gold.

Preparing for the JLPT: - The JLPT Study Page is a resource of study materials for JLPT Levels 2, 3 and 4. - JPLT FAQ from the University from London

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