July 12, 2008

Preparing for the JLPT exam

My first goal is to pass the JLPT 4 exam. Abstract from wikipedia:
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験 nihongo nōryoku shiken?), or JLPT, is a standardized test to evaluate and certify the language proficiency of non-native Japanese speakers. It is held once every year, on the first Sunday of December. The JLPT has four levels beginning at level 4 and progressing to level 1 - the most difficult. The Japan Foundation estimates that level 4 is reached after approximately 150 hours of study and level 1 after approximately 900 hours of study.
According to some friends from Japan, the basic level JPLT 4 is more then doable. Besides registering at the CLT institute, I want to begin with some self study.

There is one book that a lot of people referenced and that I bought from Amazon: Japanese for Busy People: Kana Version Bk. 1 (Japanese for Busy People Series): Kana Version Bk. 1
and the book with exercises: Japanese for Busy People 1: Workbook (Japanese for Busy People Series): Workbook Bk. 1.

More information on self study resources will follow.

I'm still trying to find out where and when the JLPT exams are being held in or around Belgium. Any information is welcome.

Examples of the JLPT examens can be found at the bottom of this site.

More detailed information on the JLPT exam from wikipedia.

And this interesting site is from the Japanese department from a Belgian University which contains among others a Japanese-Dutch Dictionary in wiki form and loads of other information.

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