June 24, 2008

Back to school

I'm planning to start evening classes next september. Since I live in Antwerp, I thought it would be best to take classes at the Centrum voor Volwassenenonderwijs LBC-NVK 'Borgerhout'.

The curriculum for 2008-2009 [pdf] was already online and I had a look. There are four levels of languages from basic to advanced. The first year normally consists of 2 years. For Japanese, this is four years. Unfortunately, the LBC Center first year is on Thursday, coinciding with another class I'm following.

So I found the 'Centrum voor Levende Talen'. Since I work mainly in Brussels, and classes are during the week, so that makes Leuven also an alternative. The benefit is also that CLT also goes to RG2 (Richtgraad 2) and doesn't stop after 4 modules like the other institute in Borgerhout. Although 8 years does seem to be a lot. Let's start with one.

This is from the CLT institute. The Levels or 'richtgraden' (RG) correspond with the levels as describer in the European References (ERK): RG1 = Waystage (A2), RG2 = Threshold (B1), RG3 = Vantage (B2), RG4 = Effectiveness (C1).

Richtgraad 1 **




4 x 120u

Richtgraad 2




4 x 120u°

I did some searching on Google for experiences and it seems that CLT in Leuven is one of the best choices. I did see some discouraging comments like "it would take about 10 years to be able to have a decent conversation in Japanese".

In any case, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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